Buggy Muffs


Incredibly divine, super warm and stlyish, these gorgeous buggy muffs snap around the handle of your pushcchair or buggy.  Lined with the softest fur you have ever touched, these muffs really are the next best thing!  Finally a pair of buggy muffs that actually look trendy and keep your hands warm.

  • No more freezing cold hands.
  • No more having to take one glove off – just simply slide your hands in and out of the buggy muffs.
  • No more losing or forgetting your gloves.
  • Men can use them too.
  • Allows you to hold the handle bar / handles
  • Suitable for buggys, prams, pushchairs etc

When you hands are inside the buggy muffs, you are holding onto the actual pram handle bar.

Available in Black or Brown.   One size fits men & women.